Posted: Jun 13, 2019 11:12 am
by Matt_B
tuco wrote:But he has to be voted in by Conservative party members, correct me if I am wrong. Why is it being accepted by them? Because they themselves have vested interests, money? Why he just does not say that he aims for no-deal Brexit?

It's more complicated than that. There'll be a series of votes that take place between the party's MPs first, eliminating the lowest placed candidate each round, although additional candidates may decide to drop out if they think they've little chance of success.

Only when they're down to the last two candidates will it go to a vote between party members, and even at that stage they could potentially be denied a vote if one of the two candidates were to drop out.

As such, we can expect the MPs to vote tactically and game the field which the members get to vote on, and quite possibly deny them a vote at all.