Posted: Jun 13, 2019 10:13 pm
by ronmcd
Scot Dutchy wrote:
ronmcd wrote:
GrahamH wrote:
ronmcd wrote:
Is everybody part of your conspiracy theory?
Everybody except you Ron.

I'm in so deep, even I don't know!

Well Ron Alex is pure as the driven snow? Next to Farage he is Trump's stooge just read his statements.

He is a no-dealer and wants the UK tied into a massive trade deal with the USA (a 51st state in all but name).
He knows he cant renegotiate so what are the alternatives? Cancelling Art 50? Over his dead body. :whistle:

Firstly, who is "Alex" and what has he to do with this?

Secondly, ok so Johnson knows he cant renegotiate, says he will go for no deal (although I'm doubtful, but let's take him at his word), and he knows Trump and Trump calls him his friend. None of that actually means he is Trump's puppet. I don't think Johnson is anybody's puppet, he's entirely interested in himself and his ambition to be PM. What happens after that I imagine hasn't genuinely crossed his mind, never mind being involved in some sort of Trump lead conspiracy.