Posted: Jun 13, 2019 11:03 pm
by ronmcd
Svartalf wrote:problem is that even if people try to avoid a no deal exit, the one deal offered, and nothing else will be substituted, is the oft rejected may deal, so it's either end up accepting what has been rejected thrice, or getting a no deal exit which will be disastrous.

Yes, there's two different elements to this
- REALITY which involves the EU at the very least having to agree to any extension, or as on the last occasion, deciding for us
- Tory POLITICS which revolve around which candidate can get elected by the party members by sounding convincing about their desire for a no deal brexit (which doesn't exist)

Boris Johnson is playing the second one at the moment. Once he wins, he will have to deal with the first. Reality. Don't expect anything Johnson says to win the first to be involved in the second.