Posted: Jun 14, 2019 10:35 pm
by ronmcd
OlivierK wrote:
Ironclad wrote:Tariff free trade, or close to. Why couldn't the UK bring this in to keep the wheels oiled? I'm sure there are some positives to no deal. Can't the UK keep its global trades near enough as they are, just without the EU tag?

Trade deals aren't unilateral. The UK could, for example, unilaterally offer my country, Australia, tariff-free access to its market. As long as the UK wanted nothing in return, we couldn't stop that, nor would we want to. But we wouldn't reciprocate without a negotiated agreement.

Frankly, the rest of the world is a bit sick of the UK taking Jeremy Clarkson's trademark oafish "How hard can it be?" approach to things actually known to be hard, like trade agreements or the Irish border.

One of the key things that the you (and the UK generally) seem to be missing is that the UK can not simply decide what its relationships with other countries will be, without consulting other countries. That's not how relationships work. The Irish border is just the most glaring failure in this regard, but the same problem of non-consultation exists across the board.

All of this.