Posted: Aug 11, 2019 7:05 am
by Calilasseia
But an even more powerful motive for having him seen off, would be the number of rich and powerful people who stand to have their nasty skeletons taken out of their closets and paraded for public perusal.

Over here in the UK, some people would have liked to have known, for example, if Epstein's relations with a certain member of the Royal Family involved anything felonious. If it did, that on its own would be a hugely powerful motivator to have him erased from the scene before he could come to trial. The last thing the Establishment wants here, is a scandal of this sort embroiling the Royal Family, and any hard evidence that there was a felonious component to the requisite relationship would create an enormous shitstorm here.

Even worse, if it transpires that any of the high-flying figures in the Tory Party cited in that document Theresa May "lost", had sinister connections to Epstein, knowledge thereof entering the public domain would destroy the Tory Party's electability for a generation. After all, the mere fact that it's been revealed that the "lost" document contained a whopping 144 names, on its own provides a huge amount of food for thought, none of it good.

The above doesn't, of course, constitute evidence that Epstein was pushed rather than jumped, but it certainly leaves the room open for a lot of suspicion in this vein.