Posted: Sep 11, 2019 2:52 pm
by ronmcd
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Alan B wrote:So, Johnson effectively lied to the Queen and advised her that cancelling Parliament was necessary thereby involving her in, unwittingly perhaps, in a political decision. Which is not in her remit as Queen.

The phrase 'an act of treason' comes to mind.

Doesn't the UK have ministerial responsibility? If so, it doesn't matter whether the Queen was aware or not, Johnson is completely responsible.

Yes, it's all down to Boris. The judges are saying he misled the Queen, the advice he gave to the Queen was "unlawful", and so then was the prorogation.

What they dont appear to be saying is that prorogation itself was illegal, it can happen for political reasons, but in this case it should be nullified because the advice was unlawful.

Boris. Tut tut tut ...