Posted: Sep 18, 2019 9:49 am
by Alan B
Boris Johnson news – live: PM told to 'keep his nose out' of Supreme Court case after he tells judges to stay neutral

Boris Johnson has been warned to “keep his nose out” of the Supreme Court case after he filed a written submission telling senior judges they have “no jurisdiction” over his suspension of parliament.

Ahead of the second day in the landmark hearing, Johnson said it would be “constitutionally inappropriate” for the judiciary to intervene in the prorogation – and warned the judges they risk “entering the political arena”.

Labour frontbencher Angela Rayner said: “The PM should keep his nose out of proceedings and let the Judges make their considered decision, they don’t need interference and warnings or finger wagging from anyone, especially from the bungling PM.”

Bullingdon Cunt rules...
Ignorant arrogant bastard.
He should be frogmarched out of office.