Posted: Sep 18, 2019 9:34 pm
by ronmcd
GrahamH wrote:
ronmcd wrote:
mrjonno wrote:Corbyn new policy on Brexit, to stay neutral but will negotiate a deal and it put it against remain in a 2nd referendum.
Will implement whatever is decided.

That is actually a very clever political policy, it will get remainers on board.....

2 weeks ago it was very unlikely to get a large % of remainers when there were explicit remain options elsewhere, ie libdems greens snp plaid.

Now, what Swinson has done is made Labour *seem* moderate to many remain voters, rather than confused as before.


I'm a bit confused ron. Don't you want labour to take strongly remain position?

I would think you would at least like them to move into the ground the lib dems have vacated : bollocks to brexit via a peoples' vote.

Corbyn has been consistently moderate throughout. What do you want them to do? Follow the lib dems to the extreme?

I haven't suggested Labour do anything in that post above, I was just commenting on the Libdems becoming an extremist party, suggesting a referendum result should be abandoned on the basis of a simple FPTP majority they know they can never achieve. Cynical, undemocratic, and with their Scottish referendum position, utterly utterly hypocritical.

As to Labours response, yes they could take that reasonable moderate position vacated by the Libdems and propose a people's vote rather than the Labour deal/vote fence-sitting. Sounds like a good idea. It would probably look cynical too, but it might be extremely popular.

Ironically, the idea of holding that position rather than a complex (and in truth pro brexit) position has been attacked when suggested. :dunno: