Posted: Sep 19, 2019 8:16 am
by ronmcd
GrahamH wrote:
I dont see a great difference between either democratic process. If the issue is central to the manifesto, as they have made it, a GE win gives a strong mandate to revoke. Why is a remain referendum any more legitimate as a route revoke?

Article 50 was triggered due to a referendum result.

Libdems are saying they will reverse that result if they win a FPTP majority ,perhaps 30+ % of the vote, concentrated in a limited number of constitiencies where the winning party CAN win but hasn't a hope in hell in others. (leave aside it's a fake policy as they wont win and they know this).

You don't think there's a legitimacy problem there?

In Holyrood, SNP + Greens have a PR majority for a new referendum, but it is being refused by UK government. What you're suggesting is akin to SNP losing the 2014 referendum, then standing in 2020 on a mandate to declare independence if they win the vote, no referendum, just ignore the last referendum result.