Posted: Sep 19, 2019 9:13 am
by GrahamH
ronmcd wrote:More accurately, it would be like SNP saying they will declare UDI immediately after the next GE if they get a majority of Scottish seats in the FPTP election. Sod the actual referendum result, let's use FPTP instead ...

Extreme. The libdems have lost the plot.

More accurately, it would be like a UK party winning a majority of Westminster seats on a manifesto with the central pledge of Scottish independence.

Are you really saying you would be outraged if the UK as a whole voted for Scottish independence?

There's a geographical bias to that issue that applies much less to Brexit.

Referendums aren't proportional in the sense that they encompass a range of views. In a PR GE you would expect to get a mix of representatives across a variety of positions. On Brexit you would expect to have representation from remain to close integration to minimal to no deal to perhapse an even harder separatist position. But referendums are usually just black or white. They necessarily exclude a moderate majority. A GE allows moderates/centrists on the issue a voice. Personally I'd rather have extreme and moderate positions in a GE than all or nothing in a referendum. It seems more democratic.

There is ample opportunity to discuss, campaign and consider "what we now know" in either case.