Posted: Sep 19, 2019 9:47 am
by GrahamH
ronmcd wrote:It's not having a mandate in a FPTP election that's the problem Graham, although FPTP is a problematic system that's a different issue. The problem here is reversing a decision made in a referendum by a simple FPTP majority.

If it was Labour or Conservative in more normal times I'd might agree with you, but the Libdems took 62 seats with 22% of the popular vote in 2005 on a moderate manifesto. To get to 330+ seats on a single this issue would surely require over 52% of the popular vote with every seat hard won. They have very few safe seats. It's clear to me that if they could win such an extraordinary result it would be a strong democratic mandate.

That doesn't mean I support the policy and I certainly don't think they will be forming a government.