Posted: Sep 20, 2019 2:42 pm
by GrahamH
Some epic hyperbole from Emily Thornberry

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has sparked fury among Liberal Democrats by comparing Jo Swinson’s party to the Taliban over their new policy to cancel Brexit if they win power.
Ms Thornberry is a committed Remainer who said she Is “never going to be able to do anything other than campaign to Remain” in any fresh referendum on Brexit.
But she said it was not “democratic” to try to overturn the result of the 2016 EU referendum without consulting voters again. ... spartanntp

What utter nonsense!
Are the Taliban known for putting their key policies in a manifesto and asking the voters to decide in a general election?

Even if you think a general election is not democratic enough to justify the policy you can't deny that itis "consulting voters".

If Thornberry wasn't to talk about democratic overturning she should set out exactly what options she would campaign against to show she isn't going to "undemocratically overturn" the previous result by redefining the question.

At least the Lib Dems would be pitching their option against a selection of leave options, including that from BREX.