Posted: Oct 01, 2019 11:55 am
by Thommo
Matt_B wrote:
Thommo wrote:
Matt_B wrote:What the Lib Dems want is a PM who'll get the extension, call a quick election in which they pick up lots of seats, and promptly retire. Corbyn plainly won't fit that last part, at the very least, so it's not exactly rocket science as to why they don't want him.

It's not, but that isn't why.

What explanation would you offer then?

It would be no more difficult to remove a temporary prime minister than it would to remove Johnson, the same confidence procedure would still exist for Corbyn, or anyone else in that position so there's no need for them to retire or concern that they might not.

For MPs in general, and the Lib Dems specifically, there are two issues of perception regarding installing a Prime Minister without an election, firstly what does the act say (and what have the Lib Dems themselves said about similar acts in the past) and secondly what does installing Corbyn in particular say (and what have the Lib Dems said about that).

If Corbyn is the stumbling block then the first alone clearly isn't a deal breaker for them, although they will know they previously said that a Prime Minister taking over without a general election was objectionable and undemocratic when Theresa May took over from David Cameron in 2016 in much more normal circumstances. What will matter is how Corbyn is perceived among the general public, Lib Dem voters and Lib Dem MPs in particular, and what message installing him will send.

On that front there are two key issues of perception, firstly (whatever name you put on it) his economic views which favour dismantling of capitalism in Britain and secondly the ongoing EHRC inquiry into antisemitism in Labour, which was the proximate cause of a significant proportion of Lib Dem MPs becoming Lib Dem MPs instead of Labour MPs in the first place.