Posted: Jun 12, 2010 11:58 am
by andyx1205
The last time Iran started a war by invading another country seems to be in 1946 when they invaded the Republic of Kurdistan.

I think you guys are missing the question.

When was the last time Iran started "a war" by invading/attacking another country?

Name me the last war that Iran started. So far the last one was in 1946.

The facts are clear, Iran does not generally have a historical record of starting wars if we are to look at Post WWII.

The two most recent major wars that Iran has been involved in include the Iran-Iraq War, where Iraq started by invading Iran, and the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran of 1941 when the Brits and Soviets invaded Iran.

If we go by historical reference, the chances are more likely that a future major war involving Iran would not be initiated by Iran.