Posted: Aug 18, 2020 5:47 pm
by Seabass
JUST OUT: Volume 5 of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia report, focused on counterintelligence threats and vulnerabilities. It's 966 pages long.

I haven't read it yet, but it looks bad. There was in fact collusion/conspiracy. These people—Stone, Manafort, Trump, Flynn—they're all traitors as far as I'm concerned.

"As this experience illustrated, White House intervention significantly hampered and prolonged the Committee's investigative effort," report says. "Most importantly, some witnesses were directed by the White House not to tum over potentially privileged information..."

Wow--SSCI goes further than Mueller did in describing Konstantin Kilimnik's relationship with Russian intelligence. "Kilimnik is a Russian intelligence officer," the report says. kilimnik was Manafort's longtime business associate. (pg 28)

"In August 2016, following the Campaign's tasking, Stone obtained information indicating that John Podesta would be a target of an upcoming release, prior to WikiLeaks
releasing Podesta's emails on October 7. Stone then communicated this information to Trump..." (173)

WikiLeaks/Assange has long maintained Russia was not the source of the hacked Democratic materials. But the committee says it "found significant evidence to suggest that, in the summer of 2016, WikiLeaks
was knowingly collaborating with Russian government officials.” (208)

Some details about the day of the Access Hollywood tape/Podesta emails release: Trump campaign team heard about the tape an hour before its release. Stone told Corsi to get Assange to "drop the Podesta emails immediately." WikiLeaks did so 30 min after tape published. (249)