Posted: Jan 06, 2021 7:29 am
by Mike_L
SafeAsMilk wrote:

It's guilt by observation. If it goose steps like a goose, honks like a goose and looks like a goose, but says it isn't a goose, then then any reasonable person would still conclude it's a goose. Unless you confuse open mindedness with letting your brains fall out, which seems to be something you struggle with.

White supremacists (or, more specifically, what the leftist media define as "white supremacists")

David Duke isn't a white supremacist now?

Blow your sniveling, mealy-mouthed apologetics out your ass, Mike.

We'll find a snow goose on every pond, SaM! We have an army of liberals to point them out and single them out!

From Wikipedia...
An ADL profile of Duke states: "Although Duke denies that he is a white supremacist and avoids the term in public speeches and writings, the policies and positions he advocates state clearly that white people are the only ones morally qualified to determine the rights that should apply to other ethnic groups."

If that's an accurate representation of David Duke, then yes, he's a white supremacist.
Has Carlson proclaimed the same?
In biographies, Wikipedia is swift to apply the "white supremacist" label if it fits, usually in the opening paragraph. (An example would be Lana Lokteff, whose face I see in some of the YouTube thumbnails / title screens in the original post).
If there were reasonable grounds to describe Tucker Carlson as a white supremacist, it would be on his page.