Posted: Jan 14, 2021 7:02 am
by arugula2
Former Gov. Rick Snyder faces 2 criminal charges in Flint water case (Detroit Free Press)

Michigan AG will make an announcement about the misdemeanor charges in a few hours, but it's a ceremonial gesture. The court filing lists an "offense date" of 25 April, 2014, which was when source water in Flint was switched from the Detroit River & Lake Huron to the Flint river, corroding Flint pipes & poisoning the population. The switch was done in response to Flint's economic depression following the industrial collapse... because impoverished people don't deserve clean water. Activists & Flint residents complained of health concerns almost immediately, and got lies and inaction for most of 2 years - including criminal levels of inaction from the EPA, which should have asserted control much sooner than it did. Most of the charges since 2016 have been minor, mostly guilty pleas with reduced sentences.

This latest round of investigations was taken up by the current AG after she dropped (in June 2019) an existing investigation inherited from her Republican predecessor, in favor of a more expansive one. The solicitor general's simultaneous claim was that the previous investigation was conducted basically with the aim of letting top officials off the hook.

A 2016 roundtable & a summary of the situation back then: