Posted: Feb 05, 2021 3:26 am
by arugula2
[Washington Post article about Rittenhouse, whose title keeps morphing]

    - the address he gave the court in December was fake, someone else lived there
    - detectives discovered this by showing up and meeting the actual resident, who is unconnected
    - his lawyers say he & his degenerate mother are in a "safe house" due to threats... vague on the content of the threats
    - on Wednesday, his lawyers gave the court an updated address, under seal
    - when asked by journalists, the court clerk said there's an updated address but it's under seal
    - prosecutor on Thursday revealed the address under seal is a PO box
    - his lawyer says he was told by a Kenosha police captain to fill out the old address, and that they'd "deal with it later"
    - police spokesperson calls bullshit, says the person named wasn't working that day & wasn't a captain, and that a different captain discussed safety issues but not how to fill out the form
    - the lawyer says he's "almost certain" the police captain gave him the advice

“The reality is, in a homicide case, the cash bail is usually going to be set pretty high and most people facing that — not all but most — are lower-income and have no hope of posting the bail,” said Keith A. Findley, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin and a former public defender. “And Mr. Rittenhouse would’ve been in that general category as well were it not for the fact that there was this fundraising effort on his behalf that is not typical.”

Understatement of the century.