Posted: Apr 16, 2021 11:14 pm
by willhud9
Tortured_Genius wrote:

The question I have for our US friends is how mainstream is this opinion?

I used to mull around the idea of an actual qualification needed in order to vote. Like a basic civics test, or even a simple political awareness test along the lines of asking simple questions like: "Who is your current representative in the House of Representatives?" "What two senators represent your state?" "Who are the members of the supreme court"

But I abandoned this belief when I realized my education and knowledge of civics comes with a big helping of white privilege that many people simply do not have. To disenfranchise votes based on education (no matter how tempting it'd be to shut down anti-vaxxers from electing people with no credible scientific understanding) is unfortunately something that can easily be abused by the state.

Therefore universal suffrage is countered by a societal expectation to raise awareness against falsity.

I never understood how committing a crime should take away your right to vote. The ironic thing being the 2nd amendment brigade pushes really hard to restore gun ownership rights to criminals even crying red flag laws would be unjust to those whom have made amends yet they are quick to say criminals shouldn't vote? :eh: