Posted: Apr 27, 2021 4:37 am
by Spearthrower
willhud9 wrote:On a related tangent:

In my recent conversations with my socialist-anarchist or libertarian friends, they all keep retorting that my "liberal" ideas of gun control are fascist and will allow the state to seize control of the population. Without their firearms how can they stop tyranny?!?!

Yet, I see Florida pass a bill which essentially spits in the First Amendment's face saying they can call a protest of 3 or more people a riot? That is clearly a massive infringement on the people's right to assembly. Things like what passed in Florida and are trying to be passed elsewhere are clear examples of fascist behavior from far right governments in the past or modern countries like Hungary.

I guess its okay for the country to slowly become fascist. After all, the guns against tyrannical government crowd is clearly needing clear and present evil like an Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars to abolish the US Republic and begin the United Empire of America. They can only take direct action when they have clear understand of a supremely evil dictator with no moral ambiguity.

While the bill against protest is obviously anti-liberty and repressive, the way to resolve this is through the democratic process - vote out people who create and support such bills. No amount of guns is sufficient otherwise, else laws will be based on who can lay down the most bullets.

There's no reason to believe that private ownership of guns are going to present a real challenge to a tyrannical nation state with the military power of the U.S. anymore than mass peaceful protest would. In my eyes, the proper response to a bill curtailing freedom of assembly is mass protest - how many people are the state of Florida prepared to arrest?