Posted: May 12, 2021 8:15 pm
by Seabass
Liz friggin' Cheney is not right-wing authoritarian enough for the modern Republican party. Just think about that.

This woman is no moderate. She is extremely conservative on both economic and social matters, but she's being purged for committing the cardinal sin of refusing to go along with the FASCIST lie that Trump won. She refuses to get on board with the rest of Republicans in declaring that Democrats have no right to participate in democracy, and for that, the dominant wing (the fascist one) of the party is stripping her of her leadership roles.

The obliteration of truth is necessary feature of authoritarianism. I'm talking about real, genuine authoritarianism, not "Biden might tax Jeff Bezos" "authoritarianism", I mean Stalin disappearing people from photographs levels of authoritarianism. When a party is too right-wing and too authoritarian for friggin' Liz Cheney, then it is no longer conservative; it is something that is to the right of conservatism.