Posted: May 13, 2021 5:04 am
by Seabass
Animavore wrote:I guess. The splitting of votes may not be needed any way. Joe is well up in the polls. Could end up being a two-termer.

I wouldn't count my chickens just yet. The Republicans control more states than Dems and they are full steam ahead on voter suppression as they also work diligently to alter the way elections are done at the state level in order to make it easier to ensure their guy "wins" in the future.

Meanwhile, the chickenshit Dems are dithering on ending the stupid racist filibuster (which is required if they want to pass voter protection laws) because they're worried about being too radical.

What I'm say is, don't get your hopes up 'cause this will all go to shit in the end because the Republicans are insane zealots who are willing to break all the rules while Dems are wishy washy centrists who are worried about decorum and shit.