Posted: May 21, 2021 4:02 pm
by SkyMutt
chango369 wrote:ETA: Turns out the letter is bunk. Disinformation from Twitter. :mad:

Letter from the US Capitol Police to the "Blue LIves Matter/Back the Blue" party.

The letter was circulated by Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin's office to other chiefs of staff on Capitol Hill, as several of his constituents are officers. According to a spokesperson for Raskin, the officer who provided the letter said that it represents the sentiments of 40 to 50 officers.

The U.S. Capitol Police Department said in a statement that the department does not take positions on legislation, and that they had no way to verify that the letter was sent by Capitol Police officers.


"Bunk" and "disinformation" denote something that is completely bogus. Is there information that repudiates or supersedes what was reported above?