Posted: Jun 03, 2021 12:00 am
by Spearthrower
Seabass wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:Stupidity isn't partisan.

It certainly seems to lean right.

Yeah, but no but! I was being flippant and I know you are too, but it is a serious point that should be unpacked a little.

Firstly, we're obviously going to have the primary problem of induction. Our suite of experiences from which to draw on to form this idea is necessarily coloured by many events unique to us which may, or may not, be statistically relevant. It's possible we've seen statistically sufficient quantities of left, right, and other to actually fairly determine this, but it's unlikely we were employing any sound methodological analysis throughout the collection of that data! :grin:

Then there are some topics where the point of disagreement is not a question of knowledge but of incompatible values, and all parties feeling that their values are reasonable and rational. It does sometimes seem stupid that the other side would focus on some short-term benefit when the long-term outcome is bad - for example - but it's not actually a deficiency of understanding that's preventing them from agreeing, it's that they place more importance on something different.

Next, we have to remember to be aware of the smorgasbord of cognitive biases - for example, holding out-groups to a different standard than in-groups. If you subscribe to X principles and see a person of X principles ranting drivel, you're more able to dismiss as not reflecting on the wider group, but see someone of Y principles ranting drivel, they become essentialized as Y principles.

Finally, determining intelligence is a project fraught with problems even in the most clinical setting. I can't go into details here as it would take dozens more paragraphs to do justice, but the main issue is the difficulty in controlling variables and non-causal correlations. Even in an uncluttered spherical cow in a vacuum setting, measuring intelligence is a mine-field of biases.