Posted: Jun 13, 2021 5:11 pm
by Tortured_Genius
"Justice delayed is justice denied" (William Gladstone)

Unfortunately the GOP seem to be intent on tearing down democracy in the USA, or at least even if that is not their intent, their every action seems to be designed to undermine the legitimacy of the US state and it's institutions.

Lawyering up and hobbling the DOJ at every turn is "merely" a political and personal ploy to keep "their people" and the people in power out of jail by drawing out the process indefinitely. Every indication is that Trump and his cronies have broken the law in a myriad of ways from tax evasion to misuse of government funds to human trafficking to inciting an insurrection resulting in multiple deaths within the main building of the seat of the US government. It looks likely that beyond throwing a few obvious whackos under the bus, the real culprits will remain untouched, at least in this lifetime.

Which throws out any concept of "equality under the law". The governed really have no stake whatsoever in supporting the justice system and a major pillar of the US state is gone (and the actions of individuals within Law enforcement haven't exactly helped).

Trump's continuing constant insistence that the election was rigged and the muted/non-existent push back against this blatant lie have undermined public confidence in the machinery of government to an irreparable degree. The use of the senate filibuster and McConnel's blocking any and all attempts to reform the system will only solidify the concept that government in the USA is determined by legal bullshit and procedural chicanery rather than the will of the people.

Frankly, if you look at it objectively, by far the biggest existential threat to the USA's status as a free and democratic country right now is the Republican party.