Posted: Jul 04, 2021 6:59 pm
by arugula2
It's an interesting paradox... which way the "BLM protests" push passive spectators. If the protests are perceived as violent & the audience reacts negatively, it could still go either way, toward reform or toward repression. Probably both, since the people that need persuading aren't very thoughtful - so the only question is how to manage perceptions to get the most humane outcome. Unfortunately, since both the sympathetic & reactionary types care mostly about their own property, and do not care enough about anyone outside their social groups, the more 'threatening' the amorphous mob seems to their precious belongings, the more likely they endorse a long-term solution that precludes another protest event. It's the same story everywhere... nothing speaks louder than a persistent backlash against injustice, even if it's coupled with a pacifist brand (like BLM). There's no MLK without X, etc.