Posted: Jul 23, 2021 1:59 am
by arugula2
Hardly. Other than Barbara Lee, the lone vote against perpetual mass murder in 2001, they're all anti-American 'scum' on this issue. Plus, the aim was never to clear out AQ or contain the TB - there were smarter ways of attempting those. What we got was a successful 20-year weapons graft, and a failed attempt at a stronghold between China and Iran. What will follow is a shadow war that will kill twice as many people (via American-paid mercenary armies & drones, and a much stronger TB) but will stay out of the headlines. And almost all of these 400+ ‘scum’ will continue to fund it.

Also, 16 is an interesting number... that's the number of 'scum' Senate Dems who voted down the Afghanistan withdrawal amendment that might've been part of the Defense budget last year.

It's a moot point anyway (Twitter sucks for this kind of information). The bill was to expedite the visa approval process. It doesn't matter if it had been 407-16 against... whoever Biden wants to lift out will get lifted out (Operation Allies Refuge). Those who have to wait for approval, will wait in allied countries. Many will hopefully opt to stay there if they find a good setup - there's free health care in most of them. And several thousand will be housed in bases here while they wait.

Had it been 16 dissenters insisting on the current (slower) visa process for security checks & COVID, I bet some other rando Tweeter could make that sound awesome and worthy of praise. We're all doomed.

Edit: forgot - the second reason it’s moot: votes are coordinated. The 16 ppl who voted ‘no’ had sympathies across the floor, bc that kind of coordination is how Congress functions. They take turns appeasing some fraction of the ugly masses. That’s why the ‘Squad’ drew straws to make sure the $2bn funding increase to police squeaked by in May, deciding ahead of time how many among them would vote “no”. It’s hilarious so many ppl play along with this kabuki. The ideal audience.