Posted: Jul 28, 2021 10:20 pm
by Alan C
Seabass wrote:Speaking of thicker than pigshit, here's Marjorie Taylor Greene calling Biden a communist. When asked to back up the claim, she just says "study the history".

Yes, Joe Biden who, even by US standards is considered a centrist by most, and would be considered center-right to right in the developed world, is considered a communist Marxist by the MAGA crowd.

Do you know what you call someone who is so far to the right that they think Biden is a commie? A fascist. She's a fascist. An actual fascist. This dingbat's "Anglo Saxon values" bill was straight up, undiluted, unalloyed fascism. And she is the future of the Republican party.



Remember when the centrist Dems told us not to nominate Bernie because the Republicans would call him a commie? Idiots. :roll:

Simply study history? Well, since she's not being specific perhaps I would study the rise of fascism.

And WTF is Real America's Voice?