Posted: Aug 07, 2021 4:38 am
by Alan C
Seabass wrote:Tucker's hanging out in Hungary for a week singing Orban's praises to the Fox audience.

Fox News is fascist propaganda. It's not "fascism curious". It's not "fascism adjacent". It's not "a bit on the fascistic side". It's fascist. No qualifications necessary, it's just fascist.

Tucker Carlson: What the Fox News host is doing in Hungary

He liked what he saw. After praising the fence for being so "clean and orderly", in contrast to the "chaos" on the US-Mexican border, he told his viewers: "It doesn't require a GDP the size of the US, it doesn't require high-tech walls, guns, or surveillance equipment. All it requires is the will to do it."

And he praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for not allowing "this nation of 10 million people to be changed forever by people we didn't invite in and who are coming here illegally".

To make sure his US viewers understood his message, he contrasted Mr Orban's policies with those of US President Joe Biden.

"Because the lessons are so obvious, and such a clear refutation to the policies we currently have, and the people who instituted those policies, Hungary and its government have been ruthlessly attacked and unfairly attacked: 'It's authoritarian, they're fascists…' There are many lies being told right now, that may be the greatest of all."

Carlson is attending a three-day festival organised by the Matthias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) in Esztergom, the former Hungarian capital and home of the Roman Catholic Church.

MCC is an extremely well-funded school for top students, whom Mr Orban's Fidesz government are carefully grooming to become the country's new right-wing elite. Both Carlson and Mr Orban are due to address the crowds from the main stage.

I'm sure there will be a meme of him humping Orban's leg soon if there isn't one already.