Posted: Sep 22, 2021 10:24 pm
by Calilasseia
Some time ago, I wrote several posts, in which I presented the possibility that the Orange Scrotum might launch World War III as the ultimate means of masturbating his ego, once the prospect of mainlining the drug of being US President was no longer available to him. Sample posts presenting this possibility include this one, this one, and this one being possibly the instances of my oeuvre on this subject that reflect best the view in question. Others following the relevant historical chain through several threads may, of course, prefer other choices, but, I'm on public record in several places here, as having expressed this view, and this is what matters for the purpose of this, my latest post.

I now learn, courtesy of various other posters in this thread (special hat tip to Seabass for providing both written articles and the Late Show video clips), that an actual serving senior commander in the nuclear command chain essentially agreed with me, to the extent of putting in place emergency measures to prevent this.

This has to constitute a special "WOW" moment for me. I expected my musings to be regarded as hyperbolic in some quarters, but I never expected to see an actual chief of staff not only agree with said musings, but act to prevent the requisite actions becoming a nightmare reality.

Ye fucking gods of all stars (yes, I'm a fan of James Blish), this really does bring into sharp relief, how dangerous and unhinged Trump really is. In effect, Milley came to regard Trump as a threat to the human species itself.