Posted: Sep 25, 2021 4:36 am
by Macdoc
So you will let gov solve it and take no action of your own?
Only one pathway is a crock.
It is the goal ...there are more pathways leading to the goal.

Here are two that do not require reduced emissions. ( tho that is part of the solution indeed )

CO₂ removal can be done in two ways.
The first is by enhancing carbon storage in natural ecosystems, such as planting more forests or storing more carbon in soil.
(see offsets )
The second is by using direct air capture (DAC) technology that strips CO₂ from the ambient air, then either stores it underground or turns it into products.

In fact, most climate model scenarios show we’ll need to remove billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide annually by 2050, while also ramping up emissions reductions. ... lution-sky

There is no requirement to wait on future tech ....most of it is available now on in some areas being put into play.
Offsets are a way to fund those efforts while getting your own carbon footprint down.

Reducing emmissions AND removing carbon, natural and technological are the two main paths.

Outliers are geo-engineered solutions...which may indeed be necessary...and with risk.

What if it’s too late to save our planet without geoengineering?
Moira Donegan
Climate engineering sounds scary. But is coming whether we like it or not, this scientist says
‘The two main types of geoengineering are carbon engineering, which aims to suck carbon out of the atmosphere, and solar engineering, which aims to reflect solar energy away from Earth.’
Thu 26 Aug 2021 20.22 AEST ... ngineering