Posted: Sep 26, 2021 8:04 am
by Tortured_Genius
Spearthrower wrote:Unless charges are brought and the judicial apparatus of the country start working, then it may as well not have happened: business as usual. I wonder if it's a inherent component weakness of democracy that it's nearly impossible to stop authoritarian fascism within the rules and norms of the system that the authoritarian fascists are exploiting to undermine and replace.

I don't think it's fundamental to democracy as a concept, but flaws in the way it's implemented do make it vulnerable.

In the blatant case of the USA among the most obvious flaws are:

1.) A politicised judiciary
2.) A Politically affiliated electoral apparatus
3.) A first past the post electoral system (which effectively means, at best, a 2 party state)
4.) A wildly inequitable election process for president and senate
5.) A quasi-religious reverence for the original constitution (constitutions are great for laying down principles, not so great for detailed mechanics in a world where women and black people are no longer property).
Etc. Etc. (there are more than a few books worth here!)

I'm only singling out the US system here because of the thread and that the democratic system has so obviously hit breaking point. My own country's entrenched aristocracy and theological state is hardly equitable, but is at least somewhat resistant to fascism even when the monarch is a fan (I'm referring to Edward VIII, "the traitor king", here).

Overall I think any democracy has to be a work in progress as the zeitgeist changes through technology and social change. It needs to have solid checks and balances to ensure good governance whilst at the same time allowing evolution of the system.

My own feeling is that the USA's current political woes are a result of ossification around a strict reading of "holy writ" that even the most cursory reading shows was never intended as anything other than a set of principles around which the political system can evolve. IMHO for this reason the current crop of "originalists" in the Supreme Court and Senate are a leading symptom of this malaise.