Posted: Nov 10, 2021 3:07 pm
by The_Metatron
A weekly columnist published his attempt at virtue signaling with his opinion piece in our local newspaper, Honoring fallen heroes goes beyond lowering flags to half staff.

This guy has no fucking idea what happened on November 11, 1918. He has no fucking idea what led up to that day.

The owner of the paper (Chad) where you read that has, for the second time, simply decided to shut off commenting online, to explain the first sentence in my reply to the columnist. He knows of this.

So, here's what I sent him directly:

We don't get to comment online any more, Chad only likes the commenters that agree with him. Again.

But, regarding your recent commentary about fallen heroes, I have some things you need to wrap your mind around.

Do not conflate police and what they do with the military. November 11th has absolutely nothing to do with police.

Police all belong to a union. Unions that oppose the will of the people. The police therefore, do not serve us. Nor do they serve the law. Police have repeatedly sought and received Supreme Court rulings declaring they have no duty to protect citizens. When one of them acts up, they hide behind their qualified immunity to escape prosecution. Every thing they do is for "officer safety", not the safety of citizens or our constitution.

You know what happens when a policeman up and quits their post? Nothing. They stop getting paid. You know what happens when a military man does this? Court martial. In wartime, the penalty is death. Police face no such jeopardy. Ever.

You know what else we haven't seen? We haven't seen the military threaten the safety of our constitution over orders to get vaccinated. Unlike our police in Chicago, New York, and right here at home, who threaten our social order because so many of their numbers who refuse to get vaccinated (you know, the protecting us part they refuse to do) are getting fired.

We veterans don't need your befriending or nebulous "support". Stop sending us abroad on bullshit never ending wars. That's what we need you to do. Stop equating police with us. Our military exists to defend our constitution, the police do not.

All those people, combatants and civilians, dead and maimed for nothing. For this prick columnist to completely forget they ever existed and why they died, alone and afraid, bleeding someone else's fields red.

Perhaps if these assholes over here actually remembered that horror and sacrifice, .... ah, fuck it. They won't.

I fucking hate people.

Don's email address is at the bottom of his article, if you want to let him know what you think.