Posted: Jan 07, 2022 7:01 am
by Macdoc
So it can't be a win win in your books?
Doing a good deed benefits society and the doer as well as the recipient. ......sad world you live in to be so cynical.
Of course a marketing person will look for an opportunity to benefit for the company with publicity and good will
....this is bad how?


plain old capitalism is manifestly awful for the environment

not sure what your point could possibly be
....that companies and indviduals make choices that impact the environment negatively has nothing to do with capitalism. You are effectively stating that because something "is" .....that it has to be due to some aspect of capitalism???
What a crock. It is because they choose that course of action despite the evidence of harm.

Exxon et al CHOSE to ignore their own scientists about the impact of C02 emmitted into the atmosphere......they were advised in the 70s of the consequences and decided to ignore it.

DOW, Monsanto, etc on an on make choices detrimental to the environment even in full knowledge of the harm ....just as Big Tobacco did in regard to smokers health....and even non-smokers health due to secondary smoke.

Choices....nothing to do with capitalism.
Everything to do with behaving badly in full knowledge of detrimental consequences to the environment. :coffee: