Posted: Jan 07, 2022 6:32 pm
by Spearthrower
Macdoc wrote:Oh so profit is a bad thing - now we get to the heart of it. Time to move on ....

Who's 'we', and where did I say 'profit is a bad thing'?

Macdoc wrote:
the 'choice' was wholly capitalistic: to make private profit.

wow.....lala land or what. My bolding. :coffee:

Incisive argument there Macdoc, as is becoming your habit.

How about you try a little harder here? Your well-poisoning isn't reflecting on me.

In a privately owned business with stakeholders, what's the number 1 most vital function a company must succeed in doing?

And you didn't need to bold it - I'd already done so by putting it in its own phrase, a product of the main sentence with a colon showing that it was the emphasized point.

Macdoc wrote:A baker runs a sustainable bakery ...pays staff a living wage, and is not allowed to profit from both his own efforts and the capital he has employed???? :what:


Oh sorry, you're trying to make up my position and pretending that you're answering for me.

Either discuss this straight-forwardly Macdoc, or don't discuss it at all if you're not capable of doing so.

Macdoc wrote:He is capitalist as I am a capitalist and we both make choices whether to act harmfully or not.

Irrelevant. The 'choice' thing is a red herring that has no impact whatsoever on whether capitalism is harmful for the environment or not.

People are more than capable of engaging in cognitive dissonance believing that it's other people who are the problem, and that their own actions are justified.

Macdoc wrote:You are completely trying to conflate humans acting badly ( predatory anything ) :crazy:
with capitalism as an economic model. Start a new thread. :coffee:

Ok, hold on a second, let me just go about repeatedly inferring you're mental as fuck as I reply to you - because that's how a substantive exchange happens, right? :roll:

If you're unable to defend your position, Macdoc - no one is obliging you pretend you can.