Posted: May 24, 2022 1:36 am
by aliihsanasl
Spearthrower wrote:More like 'slightly damaged'.

But eating bits of the walls? Man, religious people the world over are fucked in the head - it's always Poe's law when you hear something like this. It's so absurd it can't possibly be true, sounds like an ugly urban myth - but then we're talking about religious people... and such people do have an historic tendency to do the most insane shit for the most insane reasons.

Meanwhile in Asia

Leader of feces-eating cult arrested after 11 dead bodies discovered during raid

Thai police raided the compound of a suspected cult leader in Chaiyaphum province on Sunday, discovering at least 11 bodies during the search. Local authorities were able to raid the compound after the group allegedly violated land encroachment laws and broke Covid-19 restriction laws.

Law enforcement had already been made aware of the group after allegations were shared that the community had been consuming the bodily fluids of its leader. After police made their way onto the camp grounds, police then discovered the remains of 11 bodies in coffins.

However, the group was only able to provide death certificates belonging to five of the 11 of the deceased. Police have ordered autopsies to be conducted to establish the causes of death of the bodies.

The suspected leader of the group has been detained for questioning, but before the arrest many of his followers attempted to stop police from arresting the elderly man during the raid.