Posted: May 25, 2022 2:50 pm
by Tortured_Genius
Good grief:

Robb Elementary School is part of Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, which outlines on its website its policy of preventative security measures.

According to the document, these include four dedicated police officers - including a chief, a detective and two officers. It appears that one of these was present in the school at the time of the attack. Sgt Erick Estrada of Texas Department of Public Safety told CNN the shooter was initially "engaged by an Uvalde ISD police officer who works here at the school".

Among the security measures listed for schools in the district are perimeter fencing, training and drills in emergency protocols for staff and students, and random visits from sniffer dogs. Teachers are instructed to keep classroom doors locked.

(From the BBC web feed)

You know schools in other countries don't have to have all that security shit?

Come to think of it, I've worked at military bases where we didn't have that much security shit.