Posted: May 27, 2022 4:09 pm
by Spearthrower
The_Metatron wrote:I lack the voice to tell these gun toting assholes to drop the crocodile tears:

You chose this. You wanted weapons of war readily available to any eighteen year old asshole, and you have it. This is the result. Stop crying. Your kids are dead now, sacrificed to the right of the fucker who killed them to buy his assault rifle.

You got exactly what you wanted, paid for with your own kids’ lives.

Proud of yourselves?

I would put that on every billboard in Texas if it were in my power.

There are not yet enough dead kids.

How about that ‘merikan exceptionalism now, eh?

See the absence of empathy I noted before - we see ample examples of people here who you know would just instantly dismiss the message with a "not my kids' lives".