Posted: May 29, 2022 7:39 pm
by Cito di Pense
The_Metatron wrote:Like I said, numbers talk, bullshit walks.

I haven’t seen a metric exist that doesn’t show brown people getting the shortest end of American justice, in excess of their numbers in the population. Have you?

Miss the point, my ass.

The metric isn't in dispute. The brown person who was gunned down in Uvalde had murdered 21 human beings, and nobody has said yet that he was gunned down in the act of surrendering to LEOs. This thread didn't start out as being about endemic racism in the US. If the fact that a vicious mass murderer was shot by police is a pretext for protesting racism in policing, said protest is divorced from context and hence means nothing to me, and you might as well use the latest film review to launch that protest.

It could be there's a salvo waiting in the wings that every mass murdering person of color is doing so because he or she has been warped by the evil racist system, whereas the white supremacist mass murderer has not. Anything's possible, I guess. Those who insist on dividing the sheep from the goats are binarists who should just go the fuck back to church.