Posted: May 29, 2022 7:58 pm
by Regina
The_Metatron wrote:Like I said, numbers talk, bullshit walks.

I haven’t seen a metric exist that doesn’t show brown people getting the shortest end of American justice, in excess of their numbers in the population. Have you?

Miss the point, my ass.

It seems my command of the English language is not what I thought it was.
Again, nobody doubts your „metric“.
It‘s just irrelevant here, because we are not talking about situations where people are shot by cops for some minor or imagined infraction.

Let me put it in the simplest of terms: if I was in a situation like the victims of the Uvalde shooting, I wouldn’t give a fuck about the motives of the cop who took down the shooter. You might ask why that is. Well, I simply could not afford to wait for a cop to come along who fits my own moral standards.
Call me selfish, call me immoral, but I prefer it to survive. Your preferences might vary.