Posted: Jan 25, 2023 7:16 pm
by The_Metatron
Today, I sent this to our local chief of police after I observed one of them driving while distracted:

Chief Denham,

On January 24, 2023, at 17:03, at the intersection of Pearl St and Main St, then again at Pearl and Centralia College Blvd, I observed your community service officer in a marked car with the number 53 on the trunk violating department policy.

I was in the right lane, your officer was in the left. We were abreast of each other. My vehicle is taller, and I had a clear view into the front seat of your officer’s police car.

I observed your officer using his MDC while driving his vehicle, with his right hand operating the keyboard. I first saw the motion of his hand while waiting next to your officer at the red traffic light on Pearl and Main. When the light changed to green, we both proceeded. Your officer continued to use his MDC. I observed this until the traffic light at Pearl and Centralia College Blvd which was also red. When that traffic light turned green, your officer accelerated away faster than I did from the intersection, and I lost my view into his front seat.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve excerpted the exact paragraph from your policy manual that forbids your officers from doing what I observed one do.

“419.4.1 USE WHILE DRIVING Use of the MDC by the vehicle operator should be limited to times when the vehicle is stopped. Information that is required for immediate enforcement, investigative, tactical or safety needs should be transmitted over the radio.

In no case shall an operator attempt to send or review lengthy messages while the vehicle is in motion.”

Laws for me, but not for thee, huh? I am not allowed to even use my telephone while driving, for obvious driving safety reasons. When we do so, we are a risk to others. Maybe you can have your community service officer explain how we are not at risk from his inattentive, distracted driving while your officers type away on their mobile computers.

We expect your officers to comply with the same laws they enforce. I expect you to see to it that happens.

I’m sure this sort of thing isn’t isolated to the area here. It’s just another bit of noise that adds to the pile of shit.

It isn’t the first time I’ve offered them feedback. One of their cars rolled through a right turn at a red light in front of me as I was waiting to use the crosswalk. I had to take a step back to keep my feet away from his wheels. When I called them to complain about it, all I got from the sergeant on duty was copsplaining as he began actually yelling at me on the phone. You can imagine how well I received that behavior. I’ll be damned if I have to accept that shit from my public servants. That sergeant knew exactly whom he worked for after I dressed him down for raising his voice to me.

Again, I am certain this is not isolated to this area. But, these assholes certainly do have an us vs them attitude to the citizens they claim to serve.