Posted: Jan 27, 2023 4:06 pm
by The_Metatron
Motherfuckers in Memphis, Tennessee are groveling for calm in anticipation of what people are going to do when they see what those five pigs did to Tyre Nichols.

They want peace.

I cannot improve on Tolkien:

We will have peace," said Théoden at last thickly and with an effort. Several of the Riders cried out gladly. Théoden held up his hand. "Yes, we will have peace," he said now in a clear voice, "we will have peace, when you and all your works have perished--and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us. You are a liar, Saruman, and a corrupter a men's hearts. You hold out your hand it to me, and I perceive only a finger of the claw of Mordor. Cruel and cold! Even if your war on me was just--as it was not, for were you ten times as wise you would have no right to rule me and mine for your own profit as you desired--even so, what will you say of your torches in Westfold and the children that lie dead there? And they hewed Háma's body before the gates of the Hornburg, after he was dead. When you hang from a gibbet at your window for the sport of your own crows, I will have peace with you and Orthanic. So much for the house of Eorl. A lesser son of great sires am I, but I do not need to lick your fingers. Turn elsewhither. But I fear your voice has lost its charm.

The question I want answered from every police department in the country is simple:

What makes you different than the Memphis PD?

They aren’t going to have peace. Police will die over this, and they have well earned their fates.