Posted: Oct 23, 2010 5:07 pm
by devogue

This thread has an astonishingly strong tendency to go off-topic and derail into ... well, anything, really. Therefore, moderation in this thread is strict as far as off-topic posts are concerned. A couple of guidelines:

  • This is not the place to discuss allegedly dubious moderation on, or Simon Gardner's avatar, or ways to unite Atheists. The appropriate threads have been linked to in my previous modnote.
  • Neither is this the place to discuss whether 'public figures' (inlcuding Josh Timonen) should be treated differently on this forum than other members. The appropriate thread for that discussion is here.
  • Everyone's seen the YT Hitler-Dawkins-Timonen parody by now. If you want to discuss it further, or have more laughs about it, take it to Social&Fun (to the "Favourite YouTube Videos" thread, for example).
  • this is not the "let's make this thread the longest one as quickly as possible and post 'this is page 123' posts everywhere and set a record" thread. If you want a thread like that, Social and Fun is the place to do it.

Let me also refer you to this modnote:

Off-topic posts removed. Removing off-topic posts from this thread has been a lot of work.
From this point onwards off-topic posts will simply be removed, and derails may result in sanctions.


Couldn't happen to two nicer people!

Update 1:

Members please be advised that joshtimonen joined as a member here during the course of this thread and he is therefore now protected under the Forum Users Agreement.

Update 2:

P.Z. Myers joins the forum and links us to the full formal complaint: ... imonen.php

Update 3:

The counsel speaks: ... enberg-esq