Posted: Dec 30, 2010 6:14 am
by Weaver
I'm only going to address a couple bits here - I think I pretty much agree with everything else you said.

tribalypredisposed wrote:
Invading/attacking Iran for helping our enemies in Iraq or Afghanistan would be comically stupid.
Agree, 100% - it would be an insanely difficult fight at a time when our military is already stretched thin.
First, Iran is on "our" side in Afghanistan..

No, they most certainly are not. They are fighting a proxy war against us in Afghanistan, much as they did in Iraq - the only real difference is that they don't have nearly the influence here that they did there. They are trying to make inroads to supply weapons, explosives, training and suicide bombers; but they are hampered by the tribal societies in Afghanistan and are viewed as distrusted outsiders.

But by no way can they be said to be on "our" side in A-stan. No way in hell.