Posted: Jan 13, 2012 9:09 am
by JoeB
MoonLit wrote:[...]
But that might just be my bias talking. I was in a situation where the word "respect" got thrown around so fucking much it lost any meaning.

It's something I do notice nowadays, when there's American shows on discovery channel (i dunno, swamp loggers or whatever) the word respect flies around a lot. For example: "stop disrespecting me man!", "You need to show some respect!", etc. etc. Of course these are also show which revolve more around broad-necked men fighting rather than what the show's title states what it's about.
In our culture the word respect is hardly ever used and when it's used it's mostly like "We should be respectful to the elderly", or such.

[edit] Could it be that conservatives (or authoritarians) place more emphasise on the importance of respect than liberals? After all, over here in the Netherlands respect for authority (for example) is somewhat 'mehh-ish', while in the USA it seems far more prominent.