Posted: Aug 14, 2013 11:36 pm
by HomerJay
Zwaarddijk wrote:Hm, I think Will is doing a rather mistaken interpretation of the meaning of faith in the biblical texts where it's used; mainly it seems to mean 'steadfastness' - as in 'be reliable, faithful', rather than anything about reassurance from god.

OTOH, this is a common reading among protestants - the entire reformation kind of hinges on this conflation.

I think it's worse than that.

Modern Christians have moved on from the concept of Faith, to the concept of faith. This mainly is to allow them to say atheists have 'faith' in science because they're now trying to say faith has a very generic meaning to do with belief rather than a very specific concept in Christianity (hence the capitalisation Faith).

Of course what this actually does is to weaken the Christian conception of Faith, so that younger ones don't really understand what it means.