Posted: Apr 08, 2014 6:56 pm
by mrjonno
I am talking about post-delivery. And in the US at least, there is a disparity against the father, if the mother decides to keep the baby, he is saddled with child support. If a woman decides to give up the baby to the state, she is not saddled with child support. (although she could be if the father decides to keep the baby.)

I assume you are talking about adoption/putting a kid into care which in both cases can expensive and certainly traumatic for everyone involved.

If a woman chooses to keep a baby we basically have the choice between the father paying for the kid or the state (which includes me). While it may not necessary always be fair on the father its a lot fairer than making me pay.

I'm sticking to money/taxes as opposed to morality as its the language that some conservatives seem to understand. I also think if a father is forced to pay for the child they may actually take more of an interest in bringing it up and not turning it into a future unemployed criminal (again better for me)