Posted: Dec 08, 2018 2:23 pm
by jamest
Thommo wrote:
jamest wrote:I'm guessing that the lack of interest here is due to ignorance. However, rest assured that I wouldn't have made this post if I myself didn't find something significant within this technology.

In years to come they'll talk about trains; flight; cars; QM; rockets; computers; the internet. Then, blockchain. Please, give it some thought.

Well, it could be that or it could be that people said what they had to say in some of the far more informative discussions that have taken place here over the last decade.

Well I couldn't find a single thread about blockchain and only one thread about cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, which as stated is not blockchain.

There have been much more informative links provided by others as to the technical limitations of block chain. E.g. ... l#p2622342

That's a link about bitcoin. :nono:

Exactly why some eejit thinks block chain has something to do with Catalonian independence is of much less interest. The problems there are with what the people think, what constitutes a democratic mandate, who the civil authorities like police respond to and so on. The reason they aren't independent has little to do with the technological capability to handle data or taxes. As it stands, with or without block chain, Catalonians who don't pay their Spanish taxes would find themselves up in court.

I'm not concerned here with Catalonia. I merely mentioned that post to emphasise the potential blockchain has to radically alter the status quo right across the globe.