Posted: Dec 08, 2018 3:12 pm
by felltoearth
Matt_B wrote:My boss at work a few years back to have a look at blockchains as an alternative to the relational databases that we were using. I fairly quickly came to the conclusion that they couldn't do it, because they perform poorly with a high volume of transactions.

Also, even on more modest scales, the processing requirements are intensive. Cryptocurrency works because you can pay people to do it all for you with magic beans. If you've got to pay real money it adds up quickly. Mind you, enterprise relational databases aren't cheap either, and there may be cases where the balance tips.

I wouldn't say that it's without applications - and IBM, Accenture and Spotify make for some high profile users already - but for every one of them there are ten out and out chancers. My overall impression was that it's probably a niche area, for the time being at least.