Posted: Feb 16, 2019 4:45 am
by Thommo
jamest wrote:Two months further down the line of my research, I've recently purchased a significant amount of bitcoin. Not because I love it, or any such idealistic nonsense, but because I now genuinely see it as a good investment and store of value ('digital gold'). Full stop.

Crypto has had a bad press, but the devastating bear market which started over a year ago is now close to bottom with the potential for mega-returns within the next few years. Just a heads-up. Do your own research, of course.

How much increase, and on what date are you forecasting?

50% higher price than today exactly two years from now?

Yahoo finance has bitcoin at about $3,615 right now, down from its peak of $19,783.06 a couple of years ago.

Putting my cards on the table, I think bitcoin is a terrible investment with almost no underlying value. It's incredibly volatile and risky.